Our Practices:

Natural soil amendments:

Compost - Adds organic matter and humus to soil to alleviate compaction, increase water retention, adds a multitude of nutrients and create a good environment for beneficial soil micro organisms. 
Organic Chicken Manure - Using our own chicken manure we know it is not contaminated like much of the commercial organic varieties. Our main source of nitrogen increases water retention in soil and increases beneficial soil microbes. 
Colodial Phosphate - Clay product containing phosphate benefitting plants and soil health.
Organic Kelp Meal - Natural sea weed containing over 70 Vitamins and minerals. 
Greensand - Sandstone from marine sediment, high in potassium and 22 trace minerals.
Organic Alfalfa Meal - Fermented alfalfa plants containing many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 
Azomite - Hard rock with 70 minerals and trace minerals. 
Aragonite - Calcium derived from the sea. 
Bio-Char - Natural charcoal used to retain water, nutrients, and is a habitat for beneficial soil micro organisms. 
Worm Castings - Contain many nutrients, microbial organisms and help retain nutrients in soil. 

Weed Control:
Using naturally found material that break down over time contributing to overall soil health.
Leaf mulch
Hand pulling
Using livestock as weed eaters.

Pest Control:
Planting to attract beneficial insects, as well as releasing and hatching various species of beneficial insects. Such as lady bugs, praying mantis, and green lace wings.
Crops to divert harmful insects from our food crops. 
Succession planting and crop rotation to minimize colonization.
Planting decoy and deterrent crops to try and dissuade insects from food crops.
As well as good ol' hand pickin.

Water and Irrigation:
We use rain water and unadulterated deep well water rich in minerals. 
Drip irrigation spreading throughout farm.
From hand watering to stacked pot hydroponics.
We use raised bed designs to help naturally divert and disperse rain water, slowing run off (erosion) and increase absorption.

Animal feed and welfare:
Happy animals = Healthy Food
We supplement our animals natural forage with locally sourced organic feed from Reedy Fork Farm
We never use any antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines.
We raise our animals with lots of room to roam where they are always free to forage in the pasture or the forest. We've been known to bring some animals inside and blow dry them when a bad storm comes through and causes havoc. We try our best to make all the animals on the farm as happy as possible. (Except the opossums, snakes, and hawks, which we try our damnedest to scare away!) 
All animals are also given unconfined access to forage in the most natural setting possible, pasture and forest raised.